After a year of crazy/awesome/bizarre/frustrating/hilar/stressful/eye-opening experences with Pheebmeister, I decided to make a documentary about service dogs to better inform the public about the work of these very special fur balls. I've spent the last two weeks filming in Kansas, shadowing with the CARES organization and talking with some truly amazing families. I'm excited about the film and its potential to educate and inform. Phoebe is excited, too, but mostly about her IMDB credit. The other day she was all, "Get me a dog latte." and I was like, "What does that mean?" and she was like, "A latte for me, a dog, because you have been filming me and I am famous and where is my dog latte?" It was really cute.

Stay tuned for lots of pics of Concordia, KS and lots of dogs.